Changing the Password

A password is required every time the iBeacon is configured. We recommend that the password is changed upon receiving the iBeacon for security reasons.

The default password is: 666666

1. Open the eBeacon App.

2. Connect to your beacon.

3. Tap 'Beacon Config' (0xFFF0).

4. Tap '0xFFF8'.

5. Tap 'Write'.

6. In the 'Write HEX' box enter your desired password preceded by '0x'. i.e '0x123456'.

7. Tap 'Send;

The setup should now be complete. You can go back to the previous page to see the new password you have set.

THERE IS NO HARD RESET - Remember your password.

If you have entered set the password to be automatically remembered then you may need to change this. In the Home menu go to 'More' > 'Central Setting' > 'Automatically Input Password'.