Eddystone URL

The URL characteristic of Eddystone is a new addition to beacons. Users don't have to have an App that has already been downloaded to recognise beacons. The broadcasted signal is received by a device which then shows the URL to the user and the site can be loaded. We have a video tutorial for this guide, scroll down to the bottom to view it. 


1. Download the AprilBeacon App.
2. Open it and select ‘Bluetooth’.
3. Ensure the battery is inserted into the Beacon the correct way, then refresh the app by pulling down and tap on the beacon.

4. Change the type of beacon to 'Eddystone URL' from the ‘Broadcast Type Menu’.
5. Input a URL, but precede the address with 'http://'.

6. Tap ‘Save’ in the top right to save the configuration. 
7. You will then be prompted to input a password, by default it is: ‘AprilBrother’.
8. The beacon will now transmit the URL.

Click here to find out how to test Eddystone URL.


The URL must be less than 16 characters, not including ‘http://'.
If your URL is longer than 16 characters then simply use the Google URL shortening service.
If your site has to have ‘www.’ preceding the address this must be inputted too.

Video Tutorial

This video give a quick look how to simply configure your Eddystone Beacon.
Note: The video does not have sound.