Frequently Asked Questions

The below FAQ relates to our; Avvel X, Long Range, Short Range, USB models.

My beacon doesn’t turn on!

You may need to change the state of your beacon. You beacons come in non-connectable mode, this means that you won’t see in in the eBeacon App. Follow our quick start guide to see how to change your beacons state.

What is non-connectable and connectable mode?

Our beacons have 2 modes;

  1. Non-Connectable - This mode means your beacon is broadcasting as an iBeacon/Eddystone Beacon, you won’t, however, see it in the eBeacon App. This is a security feature that prevents unwanted access to the beacon.

  2. Connectable - This mode allows you to change the beacons configuration. You need direct access to the beacon to open the configuration up again. The beacon will time out and return to non-Connectable mode after a configuration change has been made.

How do I set a beacon to send push notifications?

To send push notifications with iBeacon you need to have developed a mobile app or use an existing app on the App Store to set your beacons up with. We can help you build an App - contact us here.

I can’t see the beacon in my Bluetooth settings!

iBeacons won’t show up in your Bluetooth menu. Although it may seem like you’ll see your beacons here, iBeacons (BLE 4.0) work differently. You’ll need to download the eBeacon App to see your Beacon.

I can’t find the link to the app in the iTunes/Play Store!

Try these links:

iOS - eBeacon iOS

Android - eBeacon Android

How long do batteries last?

Battery life depends on the battery type and broadcast rate. You can estimate with a handy tool in our eBeacon App.

  1. Open the eBeacon App.

  2. Tap ‘More’.

  3. Select your ‘Battery Type’.

  4. Select your desired ‘Broadcast Rate’.

The lower the broadcast rate the more times it broadcasts the beacons unique identifiers.

Note that this is an estimation.

Can you customise beacons?

Yes! We can customise; colour, shape, branding, beacon settings, sensors on the PCB and a range of other things too! Send us a message to find out more.