iBeacon Ranger Guide

Our new iBeacon Ranger, has a far more accurate distance reading and also a longer battery life than our other Beacons. These Beacons can be used in situations where distance accuracy is of significant importance.

We have a new App and method of configuration too! Be sure to check the 'Notes' section at the bottom to help you get the most out of your new iBeacon.

To Set a UUID, Major or Minor Value and Power Level

1. Download the AprilBeacon App.
2. Open the App and select the ‘Bluetooth’ tab.
3. Ensure the battery is inserted into the Beacon the correct way, then refresh the app by pulling down and tap on the beacon.

4. Now simply tap the field that you want to change, and put in the values that correspond to those you have configured in your App. You can also set the Transmission Power (TX Power) and Advertising Frequency, but we suggest that you keep these as default.
5. Tap ‘Save’ in the top left to save the configuration. 
6. You will then be prompted to input a password, by default it is ‘AprilBrother’.


You can save the default password if you visit the settings tab and choose the 'Password config' option, then input the default password.


Distance Calibration

Each iBeacon manufactured may have a slightly different accuracy, it’s not much, but it can be worth calibrating it again. It is very easy to do, simply flow theses steps:

  1. Connect to the iBeacon as usual.
  2. Tap on ‘Tools’.
  3. Tap on Calibration.
  4. Tap the device you want to configure.
  5. It will then begin calibrating the iBeacon - stand 1 metre away from the beacon and wave your iPhone or Android device side to side. Once the calibration has been completed a 'Measured Power Level' will be displayed. This is what the power level at 1 meter is and can now be updated in the Measured power field in the setup menu.