What are iBeacons?

iBeacons are a new part of Bluetooth technology eco-system, known as Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 or BLE. In the most basic terms they are a trigger for an action. That action could be a whole host of things, from simply asking a user whether they would like to take part in a survey or get a free coupon, to accurately determining there position in a building on a map. The possibilities are endless, and with the growing hardware market, new opportunities are arising. iBeacons containing temperature, moisture and motion sensors are becoming more affordable and used more widely.

iBeacons have been used very successfully in the retail sector, with ads automatically pushed to users phones, enticing them to buy products that they may have not even seen.

iBeacons aren't just restricted to Apple devices, they also work on Android and Windows phones too, opening up the possibilities for further development.

Our iBeacons

We sell a variety of different iBeacons which all offer varying features. Our beacons come ready to use with a long-life battery pre-installed and enhanced security features. To get started all you need to do is tap the beacon on a hard surface and configure it using the free purpose built app. 

For more information about how iBeacons can directly benefit your business please don't hesitate to contact us.