Configuring the Major Value 

The Major and Minor values are very useful in narrowing down the location of the iBeacon to a more specific location. The Major is a value between 0 and 65535. The default Major value is 1 (0x0001).

1. Open the eBeacon App.

2. Tap the 'Central' tab.

3. Tap the 'jaalee' device.

4. Tap 'Beacon Config' (0xFFF0).

5. Tap 'Beacon Major Value' (0xFFF3).

6. Tap 'Write’.

7. Enter the new Major Value following this format: 0x0005, if you want the Major Value to be 5.

8. Tap 'Send' - A Confirmation of sent hex values appears as a box below the write value box with the comment 'Select to write'.
9. Tap 'Config' which will take you to a screen containing all the characteristics about the iBeacon. 

10. To check that the write was successful, tap 'Config' and check that the correct value is in the Major field.