Threads Connect Setup

We have designed Threads Connect to be easy to setup. To use it you must have an iBeacon, we suggest that you use our specific beacons, but we have designed Threads Connect to be compatible with other iBeacons too.

To begin using Threads Connect:

1. Open Threads Connect.
2. Tap on the top right hand icon.
3. Tap 'Add New User'.
4. Type in the UUID and Major and Minor Values.
5. Tap 'Add'. 
6. Enter a name for the beacon, a picture, and set the distance at which you want to receive a notification. 
7. Tap 'Done'

You should now see the Beacon you just added and your customised distance beside it. Now every time the beacon leaves the predetermined area you will receive a notification on your phone.

Please note that bluetooth, location services and the iBeacon used, should be turned on throughout use of the app in order for Threads Connect to function properly.   

Check out our FAQ here.

To find out more about Threads Connect here.